Tuesday, November 4, 2008

makan atas daun pisang!

everyone was sooo focused on osce practice as tomorrow is OSCE...

at 12noon, everyone started to yawn in boredome, get crancky bout being starving and keep nagged by our beloved Ryzal to delay our brunch so we could go for lunch together with the whole class...

and so we did~

we walk in a bunch across terumtum,climb up the jejantas and HOLA! we're at ALIF'S CURRY HOUSE~!

all 15 peoples were sooo starving and were trilled by the food served there pluss with the friendly service....

evryone ate like chocking-a-decade-barbarian-who-never-taste-any food-at-all...

at highest speed on muching...everyone were carried away by the lovely wonderful taste of the curry,pisang curry and the papedom...haih...nabiilah,wanis and ryzal was the happiest person on earth at that moment!

eat everyone!EAT!!~

"tambah lagii....tambah laa...."

and u should see how blissfull the workers faces are especially the manager!~
we ate like hat was the best food on earth!~

minutes by minutes pass by...everyone started to slow down and slow....and slow...

indeed!~ nabiilah didnt gave up just yet!~

the sisters all gone browsing around the stall nearby while the brothers waited together with the rest who awaits for nabiilah to stop!~ adeyh!~


we're done!

and then we take pics together and went bck to JHC!~

***too see how extravaganze the excitement is...check on pic uploaded by ryzal!~***

....its all about FOODS today people!~

ADIOS people!

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