Thursday, October 30, 2008

pre osce for first year student

this morning we experienced our first osce...and the atmostphere in the quaranteen room was... lets say... "tounge-tight-chocking" kind. And if its wasnt because of adam went clowning around and all those hustle-bustle serious disscussion everyone was sooo intense about, might probably the room would be sillent-cold and half of the class dropped on the floor gasping for air!

everyone was panicking...the lecturers worrying BUT! our boys went out to find some F.O.O.D! it was spelled Q.U.A.R.A.N.T.E.E.N~ but these people don't care much bout it and the brain went jammed and starts chanting "FOODS!~ FOODS~! FOODS!~"

i guess we were the first batch the lab peoples provide breakfast in the room!~


they actually DID!~

everyone admitted that they did not stop shaking..not a single moment!but somehow certain of us did came out to do things excellently! HAIL THE BOYS!~

being notorious or rebellious doesnt mean we're not doing all out for our academic!~
i myself had done terribly-horribly bad! i performed good in bedpan but sux in B.P stAtion while as for my T.P.R station there are 'holes' here and there~

in general, everyone had done their best, but might not satisfy the lecturers... alot of mistakes done and to be mended and there are rooms for improvements!

yes! it is the nature of our beloved bro khairul to be extra concern and worried about our performance, he came to IMC just to discuss about the pre osce and giving tips and advices...

so friends, dont let him down!~

lets impress the entire kulliyah peoples on our upcoming OSCE!~


rYzaL said...

Bila dah lapar, Nak buat macamana!!!

Bro khairul, Berbanyakla bersabar!!!!

Anonymous said...


aku bace blog ni. a story bout student nurse life. hahaha! aku salah sorang. now tgh praktikal kat melaka.

aku pon ader osce gak. now da sem 3.
osce dye byk assist prosedure doctor.